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DocMemory Software Gets Rating From “overclockers.com”

Friday, March 3, 2000 When I get good reviews, I like to brag a little.

For the last few days, our Web site (www.simmtester.com) has been hit heavily. Traffic surged to three times of our daily norm. We had finally traced down to the source of the new traffic. We have discovered that a lot of the hits are referrals from a PC Review site call www.Overclockers.com based in US. We also found their write up on our software as follows:

Memory Tester 3/1/00: Tom Edmonds came across a neat freeware program called DOC Memory that tests your RAM for faults - Ed Stroligo found that "It does exhaustively test memory, more than any other program I've seen. If one truly has faulty memory cells, this can establish that and give you a solid basis for returning it.

If you apply it to overclocking, it will also give you a relatively quick indicator as to whether your RAM is up to a certain speed, an important consideration for Coppermine overclocking at 150Mhz and over, or if attempting to see how far your PC100 memory will go. I'd think that would be especially useful for people having sporadic problems on any system, overclocked or not."

We do want to take this opportunity to thank them and looking forward for future co-operation and cross-links to benefit the industry.

By: DocMemory
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