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CST's New Ez SPD Programmer

Friday, May 1, 1998 The Ez-Programmer is exactly designed to solve all SPD problems. This low cost programmer is PC hosted through the common PC parallel port. It allows easy reading of SPD codes on the DIMM module and quickly identifies the size, speed grade, and structure of the memory module. It verifies the SPD content to be compatible with the computer system. It captures and saves the SPD codes on files for future reference. It also allows extraction of SPD codes for edit and comparison.

The CST Ez SPD Programmer comes with Windows Graphic Interface and user friendly pull-down menu with help tutorial designed specially for the "non-technical users". Extensive SPD sample library and tables are also included for easy quick reference. Unit comes with standard 168pin DIMM and 144pin SODIMM sockets to cover both EDO and SDRAM DIMM modules.

Two versions are available. Ez SPD Programmer for regular user. Ez-Pro SPD Programmer with heavy duty sockets for high volume application .

By: CST Staff
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