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CST DDR Total Memory Test Solution

Sunday, November 5, 2000 Double Data Rate (DDR) SDRAM is taking the PC industry by storm. It's low cost, high performance and increasingly wide availability make it a very desirable technology for PC memory and high end graphic systems. As Desi Rhoden of Advanced Memory International puts it "It doubles the bandwidth performance of the regular SDRAM for about the same price. And that's what it's all about".

CST, Inc. as an industry memory test pioneer is proud to unveil it's low cost total DDR test solutions. CST's DDR test solution include the following:

1. DDR Clock Reference Board to calibrate the DIMM design

2. EZ DDR Programmer for programming and editing SPD signatures.

3. RoboFlex direct socket insertion automatic DDR DIMM handler.

4. DDR test platform adapter for Eureka Series tester.

5. SP3000-DDR test systems.

6. The new Apollo Native Environment DDR tester.

"Being a member of JEDEC Memory Committee, Advanced Memory International Inc AMI2 and TeamDDR Organisation have given us a lot of insights into the working mechanism of the new DDR modules" commented Cecil Ho, president of CST. "It gave us a head start in our engineering development. Our advanced engineering now allows us to put out a whole new series of quality testing products dedicated to DDR".
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