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CST Customers at the Comdex Show

Tuesday, November 21, 2000 We appreciate our customers for their patronage over the years. At the Comdex Fall 2000, DocMemory seeked out our customers and took pictures of them to honor their support over the past many years.

Major memory module manufacturer based in Taiwan and is a member of TeamDDR actively supporting the next generation memory standard.

Probably the company has the bigger DDR sign at the Comdex. TwinMos is a major memory supplier headquarters in Taiwan.

A prominent member in the memory module industry. Transcend has offices throughout the US, Europe and Far East. Manufactuering facility is mostly in Taiwan.

Wintec Industries
A memory module wholeseller/manufacturer for many years. Headquarters in Silicon Valley, CA, is very active in design and manufacturing of new modules. Wintec is a member of JEDEC memory committee. Products are retailed under "BananaPC.com".

A reputable memory manufacturer in Southern California is out to introduce their DDR DIMM and Rambus DIMM. Centon is committed to produce memory components accepted by the industry.

Located in Richmond, B.C., Simtec is a supplier of memories and CPU for its worldwide market of customers.

Located in Irvine, CA as a major memory module supplier. Princeton Technology not only can provide regular modules, it can also supply custom module and contracted module manufacturing services.

PQI is a long term member of the memory module industry. During the infancy of the memory module indusry, PQI was designing and manufacturing common module PC boards for the industry. PQI is now a major memory module manufacturer in Taiwan.

Tec-Hill Co. Ltd.
A Hong Kong based world class memory module manufactuer that has been in the industry for many many years. Tec-Hill leads the industry in manufacturing of a complete variety of memory module and memory cards.

Mighty Micro
An agressive memory manufacturer specialized in volume supply and manufacturing of memory modules.

Star Components
Upstarted componet recycle merchant specialized in memory and CPU reconfigurations. Capable of finding you used PC components at very attractive prices.

A memory manufacturer concentrated on specialty modules and memory cards.

Perhaps the most known memory card manufactuer in Taiwan. Pretec specialized in CompectFlas, PCMCIA, and Smart media cards for various applications.

ACDC has been manufacturing memory module for many years. It is known for its engineering on specialty modules as well as quantity production of commodity modules.

A memory and CPU supplier

TLC Group
A consistant supplier of memory modules and CPU for many many years.

A memory module design and manufacturing depot in Southern California.

PDP Systems
A memory module manufacturer specialized in OEM services and logistics

A worldwide memory manufacturer with strong manufacturing presence in Southern California.

MA Labs
One of CST's oldest customers specialized in standard memory modules and CPU supplies

Century Microelectronics
A US based memory module design and manufacturing company in Silicon Valley with strong manufacturing in Japan.

Memory Card Technology
A Denmark based memory company with strong manufacturing presence in Southern California.

Hargiwara Systems
Japan based specialty memory house. Covers smart card, conpact flash, PCMCIA and smart media.

By: DocMemory
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