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Micro Positioning System for DM718 Automatic SIMM/DIMM Handler

Thursday, December 5, 1996 CST, Inc. is please to introduce the new "Micro Positioning System" (Patents Pending) for its DM718 Automatic SIMM/DIMM Handler. This system allows Perfect Match between contactors and the modules tabs and helps eliminates costly retest and quality uncertainty. This new Micro Positioning System references the modules to the JEDEC specified tooling holes instead of the variable outer edges. The module is first carried to the test site and stopped at this proximity. The center-seeking micro positioning pins lower into the two tooling holes on the module to perfectly align the module tabs to the contactors. It is the only way to eliminate fall out on automatic memory module testing. CST's DM718 series Automatic SIMM Handler now comes with the new Micro Positioning plus many improved features to achieve smooth production testing on SIMM modules. 72pin SIMM, 168pin DIMM and 144pin SODIMM version are now available. CST, Inc., the world's largest supplier of memory SIMM testing equipment, manufactures and markets SIMM/DIMM memory testers and automatic handlers to the computer industry. It is credited to have invented the first low cost SIMM tester back in 1985, when the SIMM industry had just started. Among CST's customers are Compaq, IBM, Apple Computer, Hewlett Packard, Hyundai, LG Electronics, Kingston, Smart Modular Technology…just to name a few. CST, Inc. is based in Dallas-Texas, USA with subsidiary in Singapore and in California.

By: CST Staff
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