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Synchronous DRAM Platform for the Eureka Tester

Wednesday, March 1, 1995 Anahiem, CA, USA-- At the Nepcon West Show in Anaheim, California, CST unveiled its new SDRAM Platform for the Eureka Advanced Memory/SIMM Tester. This 92 bit platform, when used with the Eureka base tester, allows testing of Synchronous DRAM modules which are used in the new generation of high performance Pentium computers, server stations, and supreme notebook computers. This SDRAM platform combines the latest in digital processing technology together with CST's many years of memory module testing know how to bring you precision synchronous clocking, burst mode exercising , interleaving and latency testing. In other words, all the functional properties expected in a high performance synchronous memory system.
For the last 6 months, CST's engineers has been working quietly on this SDRAM platform under a contract with a major computer manufacturer. CST is proud of the commitment and the hard work of its engineering team. It is this dedicated team effort that continues to bring you the best in engineering and outstanding service. Thanks to them, the SDRAM Platform is now available for delivery. The first available adapter (passive socket board) for this SDRAM platform is the 168pin unbuffered JEDEC SDRAM module for the Intel Pentium computer. Now, also available is the adapter for the Toshiba Tecra 700 notebook modules. Other adapter boards are to follow soon. Please let us know of your SDRAM module testing requirements through the "FEED BACK" line

By: CST Staff
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