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CST launched DIMM SPD Reader Software

Tuesday, October 12, 2004
Dallas, TX - October 12, 2004  , CST Inc announced today the release of the  "DocMemory SPD Reader Beta" , an automated application software to take the guesswork out of upgrading your PC memory. It helps PC users buy the correct memory upgrade for their PCs without needing to know their Manufacturer Model Number, or the technical details of their memory configuration.
CST in partnership with several large scale memory module distributors to enable PC owners. PC and notebook computer owners can now download the SPD reader FREE from their website to identify the exact type of memory for upgrade.
With the popularity of the Internet and Intranet,  new applications such as PC Games, Office Suites and other Graphic design applications, the demand for more memory are rising rapidly. Until now, upgrading memory is a complex task.

In order to purchase industry standard memory at the lowest cost, consumers were required to know the technical details of their system memory and the product specifications. Alternatively, if the exact manufacturer model number matches are displayed by the "DocMemory SPD Reader Beta", they could be paying much less. With manufacturer part number specifics, user can search for the best deal on the Web. This could result in significant cost-saving for end users as well as for corporate users.

"We believe that the CST 's easy to use "DocMemory SPD Reader Beta" feature will be very popular with Internet users, including corporate and SOHO buyers." commented Robert Cooper, CEO K-Byte Memory. 

"Memory is a very popular area on our site, and the DocMemory SPD Reader feature will help shoppers buy the right memory upgrade product", says Bryan Murphy, Technical Support manager for All Components. "We are thrilled to help distribute this software for free to the public."

For downloading a copy of DocMemory SPD , you can dowload the SPD reader software directly from simmtester.com http://www.simmtester.com/page/products/doc/docinfo.asp

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