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Automatic Handler Interface Adapter now available for the SP3000 SIMM Tester

Thursday, February 1, 1996 CST, Inc. is pleased to introduce the automatic SIMM handler interface adapter, designed specifically for the low cost SP3000 SIMM Tester. This adapter supports both the DM718 72pin SIMM and DM718 168pin DIMM handlers. Cables for PC and handler connections are included with the adapter. Our PC software allows you to monitor the process and view test results from your PC. Bit failures and test statistics are also displayed on your monitor for easy access. Together, the DM718 and SP3000 provide an extremely cost-efficient method of testing 5,000 + modules (1MX64, 32MB) hands-free in an eight-hour shift. The DM718 automatic SIMM/DIMM handler has been the leading handler in the industry since 1990. CST continued upgrade program for this series of handler make it a truly powerful labor saving tool. The new ly enhanced DM718 automatic SIMM/DIMM handler features a patent pending "Micro Positioning" system that utilizes the tooling holes on the SIMM module as a reference point for perfect alignment of the module to the contactor. A new extended length channel rail allows easy handling of both 72pin and long DIMM modules. The modified singulator design accommodates both SOJ and TSOP modules. New rail spacers allow passage from single-sided TSOP modules to double-sided SOJ modules. Dual action cylinder at the output shuttle ensures proper sorting at output site. User conveniences include an adjustable input tray that fits different module sizes, eliminating the need to purchase additional trays. All necessary adjustments can be made by thumbscrews, reducing unit setup time. A new single piece test site sensor simplifies sensor adjustments, and the thumb knob adjustable stop pin allows position changes with minimal effort. The new sturdy-mounting bracket anchors the tester securely to the workbench instead of the handler. Please contact CST, Inc. at (972)241-2662 or visit our web site at www.simmtester.com. Act now and take advantage of the productivity enhancing features of the DM718 SIMM handler and the SP3000 SIMM tester.

By: CST Staff
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