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Argentina trade talk might have major implication on semiconductor future

Monday, December 3, 2018

The semiconductor industry has a big stake in what happens in Buenos Aires this week.

Applied and ASML are among a host of companies which have already had to pull out of Fujian Jin Hua’s fab site following an escalation of the Trump-Xi trade war.

The US equipment industry is losing substantial revenues over the ban on US companies supplying Fujian.

Tariffs are already negatively impacting US equipment manufacturers to the tune of $500 million,y says SEMI, even before lost revenues from supply bans kick in.

China has billions and huge prestige staked getting a memory industry up and running to defray its $220 billion IC import bill, so Xi will be under some pressure to make a deal.

If he and Trump fail to make a deal other sites in China may be hit by Us sanctions.

According to the co-CEO of TSMC, C.C.Wei, the trade war has already had a negative impact on all semiconductor industry sectors.

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