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Touch and Display chip demand grows

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Smartphone vendors intend to promote their all-screen models in 2019 to boost their unit sales amid stagnant global demand for smartphones. With all-screen smartphones adopting TDDI (touch and display driver integration) chip solutions, TDDI chip demand is set to grow robustly next year, according to industry sources. In particular, Android phone vendors are gearing up to promote their all-screen models mainly in the mid-range market segment next year, which will stimulate TDDI chip demand, the sources indicated. Before the full commercialization of 5G arrives, those Android phone companies will be marketing mainly models that come with high-end hardware specs at affordable prices, the sources said.

Bezel-less screens are set to be among the mainstream specs of not only high-end smartphones but also mid-range models in 2019. Meanwhile, demand for COF packaging is set to climb further next year for the production of TDDI chips, the sources continued.

Novatek Microelectronics has been aggressively expanding its TDDI chip business. The company has reportedly booked a significant portion of production capacity at its partners such as backend house ChipMOS Technologies to meet all its TDDI chip demand for 2019.

Ilitek has started ramping up its TDDI chip shipments since the fourth quarter of 2018, according to industry sources. Other fellow companies including FocalTech Systems, Parade Technologies and Himax Technologies are also gearing up for the TDDI chip demand boom next year.

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