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DuPont opens new Aerospace Technology Center

Friday, May 10, 2019

DuPont Transportation & Advanced Polymers opened a new Aerospace Technology Center at the DuPont Vespel manufacturing site in Valley View, Ohio. The site includes both a design showcase and collaboration spaces that aims to help engine designers to drive toward the goals of improved fuel efficiency, reduced noise, and reduced emissions.

“Innovation and collaboration are the keys to meeting the rapid pace of change and growth in the aerospace industry,” said Randy Stone, President, DuPont Transportation & Advanced Polymers. “We are excited to welcome our customers and suppliers to this new Technology Center to help them experience firsthand how new advances in technology can help us all capitalize on new opportunities and drive industry growth.”

The site will showcase technology advancements that current and future aerospace designs including products for wear, friction, and sealing applications. “The goal of the new technology center is to showcase to our customers, suppliers, and community the unique technology DuPont Vespel brings to aerospace applications that improve performance of jet engines and nacelles through longer life, lighter weight, and higher temperature composites and plastics,” said Marty Prellwitz, DuPont Vespel global marketing manager for Aerospace.

The technology center is supported by our extensive molding, machining, and inspection capabilities that allow manufacture of precision parts for demanding applications, Prellwitz explained. “The site also has our application center of excellence which includes customized tribological testing equipment that simulates jet engine applications for product characterization and development,” he added.

The new Center will also offer collaborative work spaces that suppliers and potential customers can use for demonstrations and technical training. The space houses displays that showcase product offerings and applications, as well as models to demonstrate how the parts are used, Prellwitz said. “These will be used to stimulate idea generation and brainstorming for extension of products into new applications and discussion of part and product needs for current and future designs,” he said. “By working with our suppliers and customers, we can develop new innovative approaches to solving their wear, friction, and sealing problems.”

The Valley View site was originally opened in 1976 as Tribon Bearing Co. DuPont purchased the site in 1992 and operates it as one of several global manufacturing sites within the DuPont, Kalrez, and Vespel businesses. The site combines advanced testing capabilities, customized labs, and a manufacturing operation to service commercial and military aircraft engine makers.

“It produces high temperature composites and plastics primarily for the aerospace industry with applications with nearly all the major engine and aircraft OEMs,” said Prellwitz. “Product and application innovation has continued over the past 50 years resulting in almost every commercial and military aircraft using Vespel products to extend engine component life, reduce friction, and save weight.”

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