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Sony and Samsungin head-to-head competition on CMOS image sensors

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Sony and Samsung Electronics have been competing head to head in the CMOS image sensor (CIS) market in order to maintain their leadership, using their respective technology advantages, according to Digitimes Research.

Sony currently accounts for over 50% of the global CIS market, buoyed by the launch of an array of 40-megapixel CIS products that have been adopted by a number of handset makers for flagship models.

Sony is integrating CIS and edge AI processing technology utilizing stack architecture as it seeks to further expand its market share by exploring the applications for CIS products, Digitimes Research said.

Meanwhile, Samsung has been focusing on specs upgrades of CIS devices, using higher levels of manufacturing processes that are capable to roll out CIS products with higher pixel sizes and pixel densities than comparable models from Sony.

Samsung's efforts to roll out CMOS image sensors with 108-megapixel in cooperation with Xiaomi demonstrate its ambition to take the lead in the CIS industry, Digitimes Research said.

Shipments to the handset segment accounted for 60% of global CIS revenues in 2018, and the handset sector will remain the largest application market for CIS products through 2023.

Meanwhile, CIS devices for automotive applications are gaining momentum, expecting to grow at a CAGR of 29.7% from 2019-2023, Digitimes Research estimates.

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