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Demand for 5G peripheral chips to skyrocket

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Taiwan-based IC designers are gearing up to cash in on the growing demand for high-speed, high-performance peripheral chips including Type-C interface chipts, USB 4.0 chips, diverse ASICs and server ICs, driven by the upcoming commercialization of 5G services, according to industry sources.

Besides rolling out 5G mobile SoCs, MediaTek has announced that its ASIC product lines will adopt TSMC's 7nm FinFET process node, releasing 112G silicon IP services targeting the ever-expanding datacenter and enterprise networking markets to satisfy the requirements for high speed transmission and performance upgrades at terminal clients, the source said.

Global Unichip and Alchip, both members of TSMC Grand Alliance, have also constantly received orders from Chinese chipmakers and US vendors keen on in-house chips development for providing contract designs or technical support for CPU and AI chips, allowing them to expect high growth prospect for 2020.

Specs upgrades in 5G handset charging and connection interface chips have also enabled many Taiwanese chipmakers to enjoy rapid increases in rush orders for fast-charging ICs and Type-C power delivery Chips, including RichTek Technology, On-Bright Electronics, Global Mixed-mode Technology, Leadtrend Technology, Weltrend Semiconductor, Etron Technology and ASMedia Technology.

Meanwhile, both ASMedia and Parade Technologies are also actively proceeding with deployments in USB 4.0 high-speed transmission chipsets for a preemptive presence in the segment.

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