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Etron teamed with Lattice to develope DRAM applications with AI

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Memory design house Etron Technology has teamed up with US-based FGPA chipmaker Lattice Semiconductor on developing new miniaturized AI+DRAM platform for applications to terminal edge computing, industrial robots, and multimedia such as AR/VR, according to industry sources.

The new platform features the combination of Etron's newly developed RPC DRAM solution and Lattice EPC 5 FPGA solution to enable a miniaturized endpoint AI subsystem for high volume, form factor constrained applications, the sources said.

The sources continued that Etron's RPC DRAM solution uses only 24 IO pins but is able to achieve the same bandwidth as x16 DDR3, and its WLCSP 256Mb DRAM package enables the miniaturization required in many applications.

At CES 2020, Etron is expected to unveil its latest AI edge application solution integrating heterogeneous chips including its 256 Mb PRC DRAM, the world's first offering of its kind adopting FI-WLCSP (fan-in wafer level chip scale) packaging technology, the sources said.

Etron chairman Nicky Lu has said that Taiwan's semiconductor industry has managed to maintain stable performance in 2019 despite the US-China trade war, expressing guarded optimism that the memory sector, suffering heavy price falls in the year, is likely to turn around in 2020.

Etron's major growth momentum in 2020 will come from its niche DRAM, AI-use DRAM, and the integration synergy of its two major affiliates eYs 3D Microelectronics and eVer Technology. eYs, dedicated to developing diverse 3D sensing solutions, will soon enforce a capital increment plan and hopes to launch its IPO listing in the US in the future, while eVer and Etron have just jointly released USB Type-C E-Marker transmission controller solution meeting the latest USB-4 standards issued by USB-IF in September 2019, according to Lu.

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