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GM cancelled its plans to announce the next EV at CES

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

GM has announced that it has cancelled its plans to unveil its new electric vehicle at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

GM is blaming the recent 40-day UAW strike for delaying the project.

A spokesperson told Motor Trend that GM representatives were unwilling to cross picket lines “to move concepts out of studios or take dies out of plants to get the vehicle ready.”

When they ran out of time in development, the automaker decided not to reveal a model at CES that wasn’t ready.

The model in question hasn’t been confirmed, but Motor Trend suggests it could be an EV crossover from GM’s Cadillac brand.

The model in development was first introduced at the Detroit Auto Show in early 2019.

Cadillac recently announced that most – if not all – of its models would be electric by 2030.

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