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Memory backend specialis expressed optimism about flash-based devices in 2020

Monday, January 13, 2020

Memory backend specialists have expressed optimism about demand for SSDs and other flash-based devices in 2020, while being upbeat about NAND flash chip prices this year.

The adoption of high-speed SSDs among at-home gaming consoles is set to rise dramatically this year, according to industry sources. Sony and Microsoft both have plans to roll out their new-generation games consoles featuring 1TB and higher-speed SSDs, which will be further driving the overall NAND flash demand.

NAND flash demand for 5G smartphones and enterprise SSDs for data center applications is also looking to be robust in 2020, said the sources.

Backend firms including Powertech Technology (PTI), ChipMOS Technologies, Orient Semiconductor Electronics (OSE) are generally optimistic about their sales prospects this year, thanks to a ramp-up in demand for SSDs and other flash devices in 2020, the sources indicated.

In addition, memory device controller IC suppliers including Phison Electronics and Silicon Motion Technology are also poised to embrace strong demand for SSDs for gaming consoles in 2020, the sources noted. Phison has reportedly broken into the supply chain of Microsoft's Xbox, while Silicon Motion has seen orders for home consoles with built-in SSDs surge.

MJC Probe (MPI) is also among the beneficiaries as it has obtained vertical probe card orders from Phison and Silicon Motion, the sources continued.

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