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Taiwan-based backend firms bracing for the virus

Monday, February 3, 2020

Taiwan-based backend houses including ASE, KYEC and SPIL have instructed their employees not to make non-essential business travels to China, as part of their precautions to mitigate impacts of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, according to industry sources.

The sources said the backend houses will see their operations in China remain unaffected by the outbreak in the short term, as foundry fabs operated by TSMC and UMC to serve Chinese vendors of logic ICs are not located in Wuhan, the epicenter of coronavirus outbreak.

But they are actively enforcing diverse precautionary measures against the outbreak. ASE has set up an emergency handling center to monitor resources allocations for its plants in China. The company has also prevented its employees from visiting China on non-significant errands, with video conferences to replace face-to-face meetings. All its plants in China must conduct daily disinfection.

ASE's affiliate SPIL has also cut non-essential business trips to China, and enforced strict anti-coronavirus measures at its plants in China, such as daily disinfection. And all its subsidiaries in China will follow specific regulations set by local governments as to when to resume normal operations.

Powertech Technology (PTI) said its Chinese subsidiaries PTI Semiconductor Xi'an and Powertech Technology (Suzhou) will extend the Lunar New Year break in line with Chinese government regulations and will keep providing employees there with anti-virus information and resources.

KYEC said its subsidiaries Jinglong Technology and Zhen Kun Technology, both located in Suzhou, China, will not resume operations until February 10 in line with the Jiangsu provincial government's anti-coronavirus efforts.

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