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Japanese household products manufacturer to manufacture mask in WI

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

IRIS USA Retools to Make Consumer Face Masks in Wisconsin

A Wisconsin plant is investing $10 million to manufacture 70 million masks per month.

IRIS USA is adding face mask production to its 570,000-square-foot, 250-employee manufacturing plant in Pleasant Prairie, WI.

On top of the $10 million investment in new machinery, the company will hire 60 new employees.

The company hopes to make 70 million disposable 3-ply face masks per month.

IRIS USA is the U.S. division of Japanese household products manufacturer, IRIS Ohyama.

The new manufacturing line will be completed in September.

Until then, IRIS Ohyama will ship masks to the U.S. from its factory in China to address the severe shortage.

The U.S. investment is part of IRIS’s broader effort to expand global mask production in Japan, Korea and Europe, as well.

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