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DRAM contract prices rose 18% m-o-m

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

April server DRAM contract prices rose 18% m-o-m, says DRAMeXchange.

The DDR4 8GB PCDRAM price increased to $28.30 (+11% m-o-m), and the DDR4 32GB server DRAM price rose to $143.15 (+18% m-o-m).

The 64Gb MLC NAND price remained flat m-o-m at US$3.24.

PC demand was solid on higher demand for telecommuting and online education services. Digitimes is estimating that 2Q20 global notebook PC demand will climb 40% q-o-q.

According to Danawa (a PC price comparison website in Korea), notebook PC sales in the third week of March rose 52% m-o-m.

Desktop PC and tablet PC sales expanded 32% m-o-m and 40% m-o-m, respectively.

A positive for server demand is the 2Q20 transition to the Whitley platform supporting PCIe 4.0 is.

The DRAM ASP in 2Q20 is expected grow 10% q-o-q and the NAND ASP in Q2 is expected to grow 9% q-o-q.

Mobile is a mixed picture. Qualcomm is saying that mobile demand decline will go from -21% y-o-y in Samsung is also pessimistic about Q2.

But Apple says iPhone production had almost normalised by April an it expects growing sales in China and that its SE model is doing well.

Mediatek is forecasting 5G phone sales og 110-120 million units.

Datacentre investment will likely slow in 2H20 following a brisk 1H20, says DRAMeXchange.

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