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GM's EV battery to last a million miles

Friday, May 22, 2020

Electric vehicle development has been massive over the past few years, with every major automaker moving parts of their portfolios away from gasoline combustion engines.

But there are still advancements to be made, especially relating to batteries.

Current EV batteries last, at most, 200,000 miles. Some lifespans are more like half of that.

GM has announced that it is making major strides and is “almost there” in developing a battery that will last a million miles.

Teams at GM are also reportedly working on development of “zero-cobalt electrodes, solid state electrolytes and ultra-fast charging,” says Reuters.

Additionally, GM and partner, LG Chem, are investigating ways to reduce battery costs.

GM has set the goal of selling one million electrics in the US and China per year, by 2025.

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