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U.S. firework sles is on “unprecedented” boom

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

According to Reuters, purveyors of fireworks are seeing an “unprecedented” boom in business.

One of the largest fireworks businesses on the East Coast, Sky King Fireworks, says its sales are up between 50% and 200% this year.

Sky King says the uptick is all across the country, and that it’s more than anything they’ve seen in more than two decades.

As with all major shifts in supply and demand lately, the coronavirus is thought to be at least partly responsible.

Many families have cancelled summer trips and continue to stay home, desperate for a source of entertainment.

Additionally, most large group fireworks displays have been cancelled, leaving families to fend for themselves.

In June, fireworks use has been so rampant in New York that calls to police for firework-related complaints jumped one hundred-fold compared to last year.

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