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Demand for household appliances chips increased

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

IC backend houses have seen demand pick up recently for processing TV SoCs and chip solutions for set-top boxes (STB) and other household appliances while chip demand for handset applications remain low, according to industry sources.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought changes to people's daily life, spurring demand for notebook, 4K TVs and STBs creating stable flip-chip packaging business for backend firms. But they have seen backend demand for 8K TV driver ICs deferred as a result of the postponement of the Olympics Tokyo, the sources said.

Backend firms are also expected to see their chip shipments for next-generation game consoles rise steadily in the third quarter, but shipments for diverse consumer electronics applications remain to be seen in the traditional peak season amid uncertain pandemic impacts, the sources continued.

FC-BGA packaging for HPC (high performance computing) chips, networking and 5G infrastructure chipsets will remain in stable demand in second-half 2020 even after the US enforces stricter trade restrictions on Huawei in September, as other vendors of 5G networking and handset chips may gear up to take over market shares left by the Chinese vendor, the sources noted.

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