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Winbond steps up with new upgraded NOR chips

Friday, July 10, 2020

Winbond Electronics has been stepping up its deployment in the high-density NOR flash field, gearing up for a boom in demand for 5G related applications, according to company president Pei-Ming Chen.

Winbond's NOR flash chips are being adopted in not only PCs but also emerging applications such as TWS Bluetooth headsets and IoT devices. The company is looking to put increased focus on demand for 5G related device applications, with an enhanced high-density NOR chip offering, Chen indicated.

Winbond reported consolidated revenue slid 3.3% sequentially to NT$4.13 billion (US$140.41 million) in June. Revenue for the second quarter of 2020 totaled NT$12.75 billion, rising about 10% on quarter and 6.2% on year.

Growth in Winbond's chip shipments and ASPs led to the positive performance in the second quarter, Chen noted. Winbond saw its cumulative 2020 revenue through June increase 6.1% from a year earlier to NT$24.3 billion.

Winbond expects flat sequential growth in NOR flash ASPs, despite adjustments in ASPs for certain products, according to Chen. The company's dependence on long-term contracts will also help it mitigate the impact of the memory price volatility in the second half of this year, said Chen.

In addition, Winbond is on track to expand the overall flash output at its 12-inch plant in Taichung, central Taiwan to about 57,000 wafers monthly in 2020, up from 54,000 units in 2019, Chen disclosed. Flash products will account for 55% of Winbond's total chip output at the plant, with its DRAM products taking up the remainder.

Winbond is also constructing a new 12-inch wafer plant in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan, which is slated to come online in 2021. The facility will have 45nm process fabrication lines installed for high-density NOR chips.

Winbond will remain focused on expanding flash output in the following years, company chairman Arthur Chiao was quoted as saying previously.

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