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Micron Technology to package DDR5 DRAM into uMCP5 multichip package

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Micron Technology has announced the launch of uMCP5, which the company claims is the industry's first universal flash storage (UFS) multichip package with low-power DDR5 DRAM.

Now ready for mass production, Micron's uMCP5 equips smartphones to handle data-intensive features and applications with ultrafast performance and battery efficiency to match the speeds of 5G, making emerging technologies such as advanced AI, AR, high-res displays and image recognition more accessible to consumers, according to the vendor.

While 5G promises to provide unparalleled speeds, Micron said uMCP5 will enable the mobile ecosystem to create a new generation of 5G smartphones that can support high volumes of data, power-intensive features and multitasking across many apps.

Using low-power DDR5, Micronsaid it has significantly increased bandwidth from 3,733 Mb/s to 6,400 Mb/s to provide a seamless mobile experience. Compared to LPDDR4, uMCP5 also has nearly 20% more power efficiency. Micron's uMCP5 uses UFS 3.1 flash performance to provide 20% faster sustained download speeds, twice the sequential read performance, and 20% faster write speeds. And because uMCP5 combines powerful memory and storage in one compact package, device makers can save 55% more space as compared to standalone solutions, enabling slimmer smartphone designs.

"Our uMCP5 combines the fastest memory and storage in a single package, unleashing new possibilities for 5G's disruptive, data-rich technologies right at consumers' fingertips," said Raj Talluri, senior VP and GM of Micron's mobile business unit, in a statement.

Micron's uMCP5 is available in four distinct density configurations: 128+8 GB, 128+12 GB, 256+8 GB and 256+12 GB.

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