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Korea Advanced Institute announced low-noise Brillouin laser for use in self-driving vehicles

Monday, January 4, 2021

The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology announced on Dec. 23 that its research team led by physics professors Lee Han-seok and Lee Yong-hee realized super-compact, low-power consumption and low-noise Brillouin laser almost completely free from frequency oscillation and suitable for use in self-driving vehicles.

The research team maximized the laser performance with chalcogenide glass. The Brillouin laser is expected to become commercially available in the near future with regard to advanced optical sensor development.

The chalcogenide glass is chemically unstable and defies etching molding on a chip. However, the research team successfully resolved this problem by developing its own method by which spontaneous optical component configuration occurs during thin film coating.

The technique enabled the team to realize chalcogenide glass-based high-performance Brillouin laser on a semiconductor chip in the form of a micro optical component. In addition, the team confirmed that the laser is capable of functioning even with pump energy equivalent to 1 percent or so of the previous level.

The research was conducted in collaboration with Kyungpook National University professor Choi Moo-han and Australian National University professor Choi Deok-yong. Details of the research are available in the Nov. 23 edition of Nature Communications.

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