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Silicon Motion invests in startup AI company

Monday, September 20, 2021

Deep Vision, a startup developing AI edge accelerator hardware, has recently closed a US$35 million Series B financing round, with Silicon Motion Technology being among the investors.

Silicon Motion also participated in the Series A financing.

caSilicon Motion intends to build a strategic partnership with Deep Vision, which has patented AI processors to perform real-time video analytics and provide natural language processing (NLP)pabilities for a growing market of voice-controlled applications, said Wallace Kou, president and CEO of the Taiwan-based flash storage controller specialist.

Deep Vision's AI processor technology is specifically designed for edge computing solutions, with its target markets set to expand to include smart retail solutions such as unmanned shops, drones, smart cities and robots, Kou indicated. Deep Vision is also working closely with the EV industry supply chain by providing image analytics for self-driving.

Silicon Motion is looking to enhance its data storage expertise with AI, exploring new applications enabled by AI. Its strategic investment in Deep Vision will help the flash device controller supplier acknowledge new trends, Kou said.

Besides, through the partnership, Silicon Motion could have its solutions combined with Deep Vision's technology and introduce a brand new product segment to comply with future technology trends, according to Kou.

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