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5G in Asia stands ready to benefit from its data-rich environment conditions

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

A New Day Dawns for 5G in Asia stands ready to benefit from 5G technology more than other regions of the world, given the high data traffic within its highly urbanized population centers, its dense transit hubs, and its extensive manufacturing infrastructure. In such a data-rich environment, 5G’s higher speeds and capacities, greater responsiveness, and lower per-bit data transmission costs will bring about greater connectivity and many new applications throughout the region.

However, such dense data traffic also highlights the problem of spectrum congestion, a key issue that still remains to be solved. This white paper discusses how millimeter-wave (mmW) technology for 5G can overcome this challenge, and why scalable phased array active antennas are needed to make mmW 5G possible both technically and economically.

While the Asia-Pacific region has a strong base of OEMs, their traditional focus has been on consumer electronics, with higher-frequency applications typically in sub-6GHz bands. But with the introduction of 5G mmW, these OEMs are now challenged to fast-track mmW product development.

This is where Anokiwave plays an enabling role. A world leader in antenna array technology, Anokiwave has decades of experience providing the smallest, lowest-cost and highest-performing ICs for mmW 5G, SATCOM, aerospace & defense, and point-to-point applications. The company has shipped millions of ICs to customers around the world.

Customers in Asia can tap into Anokiwave’s extensive design expertise through direct engagements, and in other ways as well. One example is the Anokiwave Innovator Kit, a collection of working mmW phased array antennas that enable users to easily evaluate the performance of Anokiwave’s ICs in their array-level designs. With it, customers can achieve the fastest time-to-market possible for new mmW 5G NR radio front end designs at commercial scale.

A new day is dawning for 5G in Asia, and Anokiwave is helping to make it possible.

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