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Israeli based medical-imaging technology company Nanox to open semiconductor fab in Korea

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

The Israeli medical-imaging technology company Nanox announced that it opened a semiconductor-chip fabrication plant in South Korea on April 6.

Nanox will develop crucial semiconductor microchips – the subject of many supply issue woes – that produces digital X-rays for its 3D medical imaging system. That system, called the Nanox.ARC, reduces costs in comparison to traditional analog X-rays. Nearly two-thirds of the global population does not yet have widespread access to X-ray technology.

“Amid a global supply chain crisis, the new facility enables Nanox to produce our own supply of semiconductor chips that are integral to the Nanox.ARC,” said Nanox CEO Erez Meltzer. “Our new fabrication plant is an important part of our strategy of vertical integration to ensure we can deliver a global, connected medical imaging solution with the potential to meaningfully expand the delivery of healthcare.”

The facility will be located next to the world’s largest semiconductor cluster in Yongin, South Korea, and will span 12,000 square meters (more than 129,000 sq.ft.).

Nanox Korea head Ilung Kim, PhD, said, “We are proud to be opening this facility as planned, a facility that embodies our technical expertise and know-how in producing technology that we believe will revolutionize medical imaging. With our proximity to the SK Hynix semiconductor cluster, we believe we are also well-equipped to bring new, highly technical jobs to the Yongin region.”

The opening of the facility featured a ceremony with remarks by the Nanox leadership team, including Meltzer and Kim.

Ambassador of Israel to the Republic of Korea Akiva Tor, who attended the facility’s opening ceremony, said, “Establishing a manufacturing facility in Korea is a significant move for Nanox. This is a perfect synergy of Korean investment, Israeli innovation and Korean manufacturing.”

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