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8-64Mbit SPI STT-MRAM shipping from Everspin

Friday, November 4, 2022

They are suitable for use in electronic systems where data persistence and integrity, low power, low latency, and security are paramount, such as industrial IoT, network/enterprise infrastructure, process automation and control, aeronautics/avionics, medical, gaming, and FPGA configurations.

STT-MRAM in densities from 8 to 64Mbit is shipping from Everspin Technologies.

The EMxxLX family has an SPI serial interface and a read and write bandwidth of 400MB/s via eight I/O signals with a clock frequency of 200MHz.

The devices can replace SRAM, BBSRAM, FRAM, NVSRAM, and NOR flash.

“Our EMxxLX MRAM devices offer SRAM-like performance with low latency, maintain memory without requiring power, and have extremely high endurance,” says CEO Sanjeev Aggarwal.

STT-MRAM technology is less susceptible to the effects of radiation than other persistent memories. The EMxxLX product family is suitable for aerospace and aviation applications because of its reliability, endurance, and fast writing speeds.

Airbus has used Everspin MRAM in several critical systems.

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