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Apacer and ASUS Cloud joint force to improve data security

Monday, November 7, 2022

Apacer and ASUS Cloud are collaborating to improve data security for remote device management in industrial applications, particularly smart factories.

ASUS Cloud and Apacer worked together to help a major client—a provider of independent semiconductor assembling and test manufacturing services based in Taiwan. The client wanted to improve on-site disaster recovery under pandemic conditions, and also had concerns about the threats posed by hackers and ransomware attacks. So our engineers came together to integrate Apacer’s CoreSnapshot technology for SSDs into ASUS Cloud’s OmniStor storage and management platform. Our shared goal was to reduce manpower and management costs while also creating greater operation efficiency.

“CoreSnapshot is a system disaster’s savior. It’s highly compatible with all operating systems, and can backup and subsequently recover not only an OS but also all data on an SSD. But what’s most impressive is that it can carry out the entire recovery process in just one second. This minimizes any downtime associated with hacker intrusions and lets a smart factory get back up and running quickly,” said Cindy Huang, Apacer’s Sales and Marketing Center VP.

Discussing the OmniStor platform, Wu Hanzhang, General Manager of ASUS Cloud, noted, “ASUS Cloud have been committed to developing cloud-native data protection services as the core of our development, creating a secure, efficient and flexible tool for enterprise digital governance and transformation. This time, our OT solutions are specially tailored for the manufacturing industry. We have successfully integrated Apacer’s exclusive patented CoreSnapshot 1-second backup and recovery SSD technology into our OmniStor enterprise storage cloud platform to enhance digital resilience.”

The first client that Apacer and ASUS Cloud provided with their integrated solution ran some punishing system shock tests. But the system passed with flying colors, and the client was very pleased with the results. So the two companies realized that they needed to extend access to this technology to the global market to help improve production flow for more customers.

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