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Codasip has acquired Cerberus Security Labs.

Monday, November 14, 2022

Codasip, a developer of processor design automation and RISC-V processor IP, has acquired Cerberus Security Labs.

The company’s IoT security IP will enable Codasip customers to embed secure solutions for RISC-V processor designs.

The acquisition, for an undisclosed sum, is complete with immediate effect, with the Cerberus team based in Bristol, UK, joining as Codasip employees.

Commenting Ron Black, CEO Codasip, said, “Security is a key enabler for connected products, and it is a problem that many companies are struggling to address in a scalable way. Through this acquisition we will provide our customers with access to the Cerberus team’s extensive experience in security design and implementation, and we will be able to extend our offering to match our customers’ needs for ensuring their products meet both their security and business requirements.”

Dr Carl Shaw, Cerberus Founder, added: “Codasip offers us a springboard to use our technology to solve real customer needs, in a growing market opportunity. RISC-V security needs to be taken more seriously, and Codasip Studio and the CodAL language offer exciting avenues to insert security features into hardware designs. We are proud to have our team and achievements recognized and are delighted to be part of an innovative company experiencing such rapid growth in an exciting market.”

As a founding member of the IoT Security Foundation, Cerberus has been involved with writing standards and promoting the need for security in IoT. The team has worked for a number of major brands in the consumer, automotive and semiconductor markets, and has participated in advanced academic research into cybersecurity for embedded systems. It is also heavily involved with industry bodies, creating a number of robust security products for IoT applications.

Codasip said that it will look to quickly integrate Cerberus Labs’ embedded security IP so as to enable customers and RISC-V developers to easily integrate secure functionality.

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