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The International IC & Component Exhibition and Conference officially launched at Shenzhen

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

The International IC & Component Exhibition and Conference (IIC Shenzhen 2022), hosted by AspenCore, a global well-known media group in the field of electronic technology, was officially launched at Shenzhen Great China International Exchange Square on November 10, 2022. This is also the second stop of IIC after the first one was successfully held in Nanjing this year, which brought together the annual innovative product exhibition, technical exchange, high-end forum and industry summit to bring more inspiration and illumination to the industry, and spared no effort to build an annual carnival covering the electronics industry!

Combined with the development trend of the global semiconductor industry and the characteristics of China’s semiconductor industry, the exhibition features four themed zones: Industry 4.0, Power Supply and Power Semiconductor, Wireless Connection, and Distribution & Supply Chain.

Among them, the Industry 4.0 zone displayed the latest technologies and application solutions in intelligent manufacturing, industrial automation, robotics, industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), electric power and other application fields; the Power Supply and Power Semiconductor area covered consumer power management, fast charging/wireless charging, power devices for new energy vehicles, and third-generation semiconductors, to name a few.

In the Wireless Connection zone, applications such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NB-IoT, UWB, LoRa, AIoT, wearable devices, smart home and smart meters were displayed. The Distribution & Supply Chain zone brought together distributors, agents, e-commerce platforms, and service providers. This exhibition comprehensively displayed the scientific and technological innovation and application achievements in semiconductor field at home and abroad, and on the first day of the exhibition, visitors had a warm atmosphere for discussion and exchange.

The high-end international summit and professional technology forum held in parallel with the exhibition are also an important part of the annual event. The Global CEO Summit invited Ganesh Moorthy, Microchip President & CEO; Ross Sabolcik, Senior Vice President, Industrial and Commercial, Silicon Labs; Dr. Stefan Finkbeiner, CEO, Bosch Sensortec; Michael Pocsatko, Senior Vice President and GM, Corporate Marketing & Incubation HQ, TDK Corp.; Anthony Zhou, China Country Manager, Silicon Labs; Wallace Pai, Chairman, Imagination China; Andy Lai, President, Renesas Electronics China; Lianfeng Yang, Director and President of Primarius Technologies Co. Ltd; Mike Hu, Vice President of Technology and the President of SmartSens Technology Research Institute; Baoping Yang, Chairman of C&B Electronics; Andy Xian, Head of XCC, CECport; Wang Shaodi, Founder and CEO of Witmem; and business executives from XEPIC, Black Sesame, and other industry leaders and enterprises managers to interpret the state of the industry in-depth and discuss the future trend and coping strategies together.

In addition to the keynote speeches given by the leading executives in the industry, the Roundtable Forum hosted by AspenCore’s Senior Industry Analyst Steve Gu had an in-depth discussion with special guests about “Global Semiconductor Cycle Variables and Coping Strategies”. The summit had also arranged a global livestream so that people all over the world can participate in and enjoy the summit.

International Industry 4.0 and Technology and Application Seminar also invited well-known technical experts to give speeches, exchange and share industry trends and latest technologies with the audience. At the same time, a series of events such as Semiconductor Talents Exchange Forum and New Chip Technology Release were held. The attendees definitely gained a lot!

“Seeing far, traveling farther. This event brought together leaders in analog, digital, artificial intelligence, EDA/IP, new energy automotive semiconductor and other fields; outlined the future development blueprint from an international perspective; used breakthrough technologies and ideas to perceive the future trend; and anchored the industry direction, built an interactive platform for efficient communication between the upstream and downstream of China’s semiconductor industry chain, and helped enterprises to expand their resources,” said Yorbe Zhang, Head of Asia Pacific at AspenCore.

The second day and final day (November 11) of the International IC & Component Exhibition and Conference featured famous brand enterprises at home and abroad, who gathered and appeared in the exhibition to display their scientific and technological innovations and application achievements in the semiconductor field. A series of events such as Global Distribution & Supply Chain Leaders Summit, the 24th High Efficiency Power Management and Devices Seminar, and the Investment and Financing Forum were held, integrating multiple advantages of resources, grasping the pulse of the industry, enabling industrial upgrading. Besides, many industry celebrities, experts, and elites gathered to discuss the trend and development of the industry! Meanwhile, the awarding ceremony for the 2022 Global Electronic Component Distributor Awards was held in the evening.

Unveiling 2022 WEAA winner list

The World Electronics Achievement Awards (WEAA) honor companies and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the innovation and the development of electronics industry worldwide. WEAA are praised by many and represent one’s leadership and excellent performance within the electronics industry. Winners were elected by the committee comprised of AspenCore global senior industry analysts and online users from Asia, the United States and Europe. See below for the winner list.

About AspenCore

AspenCore is the world’s leading media group within the technical electronics sector. AspenCore’s prior mission is to provide electronics engineers and technical practitioners with the highest quality content in order to aid them in innovation, thus helping spurring growth of the entire electronics market. At the same time, AspenCore ‘s highly trusted media channels provides a great platform for vendors to reach out to technology decision makers.

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