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Occam process will reorder the way electronic components are assembled

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

The Occam Group’s (TOG) game-changing solderless assembly technology will reorder the way electronic components are assembled, greatly improving reliability and performance, while significantly reducing product size and cost.

“Occam isn’t just a new process but a reordering of current methods. It is an enabling technology allowing the industry to move toward a future where higher reliability, lower costs and less environmental impact are the norm. Occam will transform the industry into something substantially simpler and better,” Occam inventor Joe Fjelstad commented.

The company is now seeking partners to help bring the Occam process to the market, and believes that EMS providers desiring to build highly reliable electronics are best positioned to take full advantage of this revolutionary technology. EMS companies play a central role as providers of the types of services Occam will affect most: the PCB and assemblies.

“EMS companies are in a perfect position to exploit the Occam opportunities for their businesses,” said Fjelstad. “We believe Occam is the most significant advance in electronics manufacturing since the wholesale introduction of surface mount technology in the 1980s. The Occam Process will help circumvent the myriad of daily challenges the industry faces in trying to make SMT defect free using solder, which has proven to be a Sysiphen task for the EMS industry.”

The weakest link

Some of the most common manufacturing defects and failures in electronic products are related to the older process and the solder joints formed, especially in high reliability applications.

Most electronic manufacturing defects are related to the soldering process and most field failures occur as a result of solder weaknesses, such as fatigue due to shock and vibration and/or repeated thermal excursions in operations or rework. Since Occam is solderless, solder related failures are eliminated. Occam bypasses the weakest link, inherently driving up product reliability while opening the door to a host of new capabilities and benefits for product designers.

Eliminating the limiting

Think about all the added costs, performance compromises, the risks and non-value effort related to the limitations of solder in the assembly process. It’s a pretty long list. With Occam, instead of focusing on all of the workarounds and compromises, the sky’s the limit!

Benefits to an exclusive EMS partner

The Occam opportunity will allow for: significantly higher reliability assemblies (no solder defects or failures); lower cost of operation—fewer process steps; low capex—uses existing equipment mostly; low risk—gradual uptake as industry transitions; cycle time reduction; strategic market advantage—unique and exclusive partners; on-shoring opportunity; more reliable, lower cost; and environmental plus.

There are a huge number of Occam possibilities yet to be discovered. EMS partners will have a front row seat and opportunity to help direct and grow Occam as the industry transitions to this significantly better design and manufacturing technology.

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