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Q3 foundry revenue was up 6% q-o-q at $35 billion

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Q3 foundry revenue was up 6% q-o-q at $35 billion, says TrendForce.

For 4Q22, TrendForce predicts a Q3 q-o-q decline for foundry revenues ending two years of uninterrupted quarterly growth.

TSMC increased its market share by 2.7% to 56.1% in Q3 due to iPhone orders.

The top five foundries accounted for 89.6% of the market.

In Q3, TSMC saw its revenue rise by 11.1% QoQ to $20.16 billion, and the corresponding market share expanded to 56.1%.

The growth was mainly attributed to the =7nm nodes, whose share in the foundry’s revenue had kept climbing and reached 54% in the third quarter.

Conversely, Samsung actually experienced a slight QoQ drop of 0.1% in foundry revenue and a market share drop to 15.5%.

UMC’s revenue went up by 1.3% QoQ to around $2.48 billion for 3Q22 boosted by its additional 28nm capacity

GlobalFoundries saw a Q3 QoQ rise of 4.1% in revenue to around $2.07 billion. GlobalFoundries has been maintaining its capacity utilization rate above 90%.

SMIC had a Q3 QoQ increase of 0.2% in revenue to around $1.91 billion.

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