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USPS to modernize its fleet to EV

Thursday, December 22, 2022

The US Postal Service this week announced a $9.6 billion investment—including $3 billion from Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) funds—to electrify its delivery fleet.

The modernization plan will result in the rollout of 66,000 electric delivery vehicles and tens of thousands of charging stations through 2028, with a target of acquiring only EVs after 2026.

Over the next five years, the Postal Service expects to acquire more than 60,000 Next Generation Delivery Vehicles (NGDV)—at least 45,000 (75%) of which will be battery EVs—and an additional 21,000 commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) delivery EVs. Unlike the agency's existing fleet, more efficient replacements will feature air conditioning and "advanced safety technology."

"We have a statutory requirement to deliver mail and packages to 163 million addresses six days per week and to cover our costs in doing so—that is our mission," Postmaster General Louis DeJoy said in a statement(Opens in a new window). "As I have said in the past, if we can achieve those objectives in a more environmentally responsible way, we will do so."

This move ensures the USPS—which has the largest vehicle fleet in the federal government—will exceed President Biden's requirement for each agency to electrify its convoy.

"Through [Tuesday's] action, USPS sets the bar for the rest of the federal government, and, importantly, the rest of the world," the White House said in a statement(Opens in a new window).

he US Postal Service is scheduled in May to release a Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), assessing potential eco impacts of vehicle purchase alternatives, likely including those from this week's announcement.

"A key focus of our modernization effort is to reduce inefficient transportation and improve distribution operations, resulting in far less air cargo and far fewer truck trips," DeJoy explained. "When combined with our substantial commitment to the electrification of our delivery vehicles, the Postal Service will be at the forefront of our nation's green initiatives."

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