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Check Point Software Technologies collaborates with Intel on Cybersecurity

Friday, January 6, 2023

Cybersecurity firm Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. has extended a collaboration with Intel Corp. to offer enhanced anti-ransomware capabilities for Check Point Harmony customers.

Under the collaboration, the Intel vPro platform’s threat detection technology will be available within Check Point Harmony Endpoint. The pairing provides enterprises with processor-level anti-ransomware security at both the hardware and software levels at no extra cost.

The problem being addressed is a well-known one: Cyber criminals are becoming more creative in their attacks. Check Point recorded a 42% global increase in cyberattacks in 2022, with ransomware identified as the No. 1 threat. The company argues that “prevention first” continues is the best cybersecurity strategy because once an attack happens, it can be challenging to repair the damage to the victim and its reputation.

The integration sees Check Point Harmony Endpoint tap into Intel’s Threat Detection Technology Technology, available on the Intel vPro platform, to employ artificial intelligence and machine learning. With the ability to use AI and machine learning, Harmony can analyze processor telemetry and recognize ransomware encryption commands early in the attack flow, raising the barrier against advanced threats, according to the companies.

Combined, the service strengthens prevention and security measures for customers, blocking endpoint threats with capabilities that identify, block and remediate the entire attack chain.

“The Intel vPro platform contains hardware-based security features, including Threat Detection Technology specifically designed to detect ransomware and other advanced threats,” Carla Rodríguez, vice president and general manager, Ecosystem Partner Enabling at Intel, said in a statement. “When paired with Check Point’s security solutions, customers can be confident knowing their endpoints are better protected at both the hardware and software layers.”

Check Point customers benefit from processor-level security that starts at the silicon level and provides anti-ransomware capabilities allowing for earlier prevention and expansive attack surface coverage.

Additional details, including enhanced anti-ransomware capabilities through the partnership, will be announced later this month.

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