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Halo Microelectronics sold its AC-DC silicon controller IC joint venture to Navitas Semiconductor

Monday, January 23, 2023

Halo Microelectronics, a manufacturer of analogue and power management integrated circuits enabling energy-efficient smart systems, has agreed to sell the remaining interest in its AC-DC silicon controller IC joint venture to Navitas Semiconductor.

The deal, which is valued at $20 million, will see Navitas take full control of the joint venture which was set up by the two companies in 2021 to develop application-specific silicon controllers that are optimised to work in combination with GaN ICs in order to deliver higher efficiency, density, cost, and integration for a wide range of applications.

Through their joint venture, the first family of products developed and released to production addressed the AC-DC power supply applications across the mobile, consumer, white goods, and auxiliary power supplies in the enterprise, renewables, and other related markets.

“The successful culmination of our partnership to provide innovative GaN and controller copak enabled us to deliver the highest efficiency and smallest solutions for mobile fast charging was a win-win for both companies,” said David Nam, CEO of Halo Microelectronics.

“This is another strategic acquisition for Navitas as we integrate critical silicon controller capabilities with our leading-edge GaN and SiC technologies,” said Navitas CEO and co-founder Gene Sheridan.

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