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Intel and Merck fund sustainable semi manufacturing

Friday, March 10, 2023

Merck and Intel are funding an academic research programme aimed at enabling more sustainable semiconductor manufacturing.

The companies will invite suitable Europe-based research groups to apply for funding through a joint Call for Proposals process, beginning in Q2 2023.

Potential solutions could include, environmentally friendlier materials, more efficient use of resources, AI-based solutions for modeling chemical processes, and opportunities for waste and emissions reductions.

The programme will specifically leverage AI and ML technologies.

The companies have signed an MoU to make a joint investment over three years. With this programme, Merck is pursuing its goal of being climate-neutral by 2040.

“New fundamental insights, methodologies and tools are needed—from material and process technology research and development through high-volume manufacturing,” says Intel’s David Nessim, “we look forward to engaging European academic excellence and government support for the success of these ambitious goals.”

The joint research program will focus on new technologies and collaborations. For example, developing new artificial intelligence programs with analytical capabilities to identify innovation potential.

Merck and Intel will work directly with the awarded research groups during the programme period, engaging closely with faculty and students.

In addition to university funding from both companies, public co-funding of the program, including from European governments, will be sought to support the program’s ambitious, multi-disciplinary scope and goals.

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