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What is LPDDR Memory ?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Mobile DDR (also known as mDDR, Low Power DDR, or LPDDR) is type of double data rate synchronous DRAM for mobile smart phones and Tablet PC application.

The original low-power DDR (sometimes, in hindsight, called LPDDR1) is a slightly modified form of DDR SDRAM, with several changes to reduce overall power consumption.

Most significantly, the supply voltage is reduced from 2.5 to 1.8 V. Additional savings come from temperature-compensated refresh (DRAM requires refresh less often at low temperatures), partial array self refresh, and a "deep power down" mode which sacrifices all memory contents. Additionally, chips are smaller, using less board space than their non-mobile equivalents. Samsung , Elpida Hynix and Micron are the few of the main providers of this technology, and is used in tablet computing devices such as the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab,Motorola Droid X and HP TouchPad.

Low Power Double Data Rate memory (LPDDR) is also called Mobile DDR (MDDR). This form of memory operates at 1.8 volts as opposed to the more traditional 2.5 volts and is commonly used in portable electronics. As with all DDR memory, the double data rate is achieved by transferring data on both clock edges of the device.
Basic Feature
  • Density : Up to 8 Gbit
  • Max Clock Speed : 333Mhz
  • Data width : 16 & 32 Bit


Mobile – Mobile handsets, and ultramobile PCs

Consumer – PDAs, PMP/MP3 players, portable games,

portable navigation devices, digital still cameras

Networking – USB dongles, WiMAX routers,

WiMAX base stations

Security – Fingerprint detectors, digital surveillance

Automotive – In-car entertainment, navigation, Bluetooth systems

Industrial/Medical – Patient monitors, defibrillators.

The Google Nexus One memory system is more interesting. It uses only one MCP (multi-chip package) consists of 4Gb of Mobile DDR together with 4Gb of NAND storage memory.


LPDDR1 /LP DDR2 Chip Test Adapter.


CST - Eureka2 LP-DDR Chip Tester

The Eureka2 Test System is a MCP Chip tester capable of testing LP-DDR,LP-DDR2,LP-DDR3, NAND/NOR memory chip and it utilizes CST‘s proprietary test algoritium to capture all known memory failures.

The Eureka2 MCP Memory Test system with CST's Proprietary Technology offers a significant advanced programmable features, wide Vdd voltage range setting and high frequency testing up to 1333Mhz data rate.

Download Eureka2 MCP Memory Tester from this link :


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