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The Truth about Memory Tester Manufacturer

Wednesday, May 3, 2000 Snake-Oil
Every time you pick up the phone making inquires to buy any product, you will be familiar with many companies sales ‘s swearing by their good reputation that their product are the best, the lowest price and competitors products are always inferior. Beware of the salesman that try to sell you snake oil.

Bold Claim
In the Memory Tester Industry, several companies constantly make bold claim either on their product brochures or web-site that they were the pioneers in delivering the world first memory testers and their testers are being used as the industry standard.Frequently most customers are confused.

They charge exorbitant price for spare parts, RMA repair, sell their product using reseller with inflated markup price and you really don’t know if you are paying the best price for the best value.

How do you pick the right place to buy a memory tester ?

You want to make an informed decision so you surf the web and search for keywords "SIMM Tester" , "Memory Tester" and with mouse click - several colorful web-page pops up the screen. You click on each of the website and really get confused with all the technical jargons and don't know what is best for you.Some allow you to check price online - while some require you to call or send a request.

The trouble is - everyone is saying that they are the best and you don't really know who really honest.

You talk to Memory resellers in your local shop about what kind of memory tester they used for checking faulty memory , many said they don't own one and some are as confused as you.

The most important factor in selecting a memory tester is who makes it.

It's pretty simple actually. Once you have a company that manufactures high-quality, reliable parts and is going to stand behind its product with a good web-site filled with memory information and strong technical support and good customer service, finding the right product for your company is relatively easy.

The Truth
The truth is there is only one memory tester company in the United States that does not sell you snake oil, CST Inc / simmtester.com relies heavily on its reputation to promote “ Memory Testing Solution” Online and let you decide if this company is trustworthy and has good reputation for delivering the solution that you are seeking for.

At its re-engineered “Simmtester.Com” web site, CST will provide yet another additional Free consultation service, web-visitor can now post any memory question to “DocMemory” for a personalized answer by e-mail from DocMemory at no charge at all.

Recently CST had launched DocMemory translated in Chinese to target at asian readers.

Simmtester.com also offers “Free Memory Specification download, Memory Diagnostic Software ”. “Daily Memory Related News”, “DRAM Price Index”, and “Interactive Memory FAQ” are among the Free services provided. Free subscription on Newsletter is also offered, these Newsletters cover interesting topics in memory knowledge and applications.

“We have been providing knowledge and information on memories for the last 16 years as a service to the PC industry.” said Cecil Ho, president “We are just making it available to a much broader client base through the Internet”.

Realms of Information, not Persuasion
Through this web site, our goal is to provide you as a customer with realms of information and not persuasion. Our challenge is make all CST ‘s memory tester product virtually accessible 24 hours a day anywhere, anytime at your own leisure as long as your have access to the internet. We will continue to keep you updated with the latest memory trend,daily news and the latest memory specification.

Guide to selecting a Memory Tester

Shopping for the right tester is not easy. Here is a 10 point guideline you can use as a reference. Ask yourself and the memory tester company these questions before you buy your tester.

How fast is the tester? Is it 133mhz , 100mhz , 66mhz, 33mhz or 25 MHz? Normally you can tell how fast the tester through the test time required to test a piece of memory module. Take a 64Mbz PC100 SDRAM as an example, a full comprehensive cell test that include a Marching test pattern (not simply a Basic Test) should take around 12 seconds for a fast tester, whereas it will take more than 2 minutes for a slower tester. The accuracy of the tester significantly depends on the speed of the base tester.

Support Multiple Platforms
Can the tester support different DRAM technologies? Most of the tester will not support both EDO DRAM and PC133 SDRAM DIMMS with the same tester unit. You want to make sure that you do not have to end up buying multiple testers or perform costly upgrade to the tester to test different kind of memory.

Accessories / Adapters
Ask the range of supporting adapter that are available to test all different types of proprietary memory modules such as 200pin Sun Sparc 10/20/Ultra, PCMCIA Memory module, Graphic SGRAM Module, Apple Modules, Stacked IC etc

Error Display Message
How are the error displayed? Did the tester give you enough information to pin point exactly what goes wrong with the modules? Can the tester be interface with the computer to extend programming features of the tester? If so, do it come with the editors to program the contents of the Serial Presence Detect and module mapping for error detection?

Programmable Features
Can the tester be flexible enough to edit Serial Present Detect Information (SPD), the module configurations and the test patterns ?

Support / Service / Warranty
How good is the service and support provided by the company? Do they have technical support standby to answer your questions at anytime during office hours or do you have to talk to answering services all the time. What warranty does the tester covers? What is the turnaround time policy for repair and service ?

Field Upgradable
Is the unit field upgradable ? How easier is it for you to upgrade the tester? How much does upgrade cause ? Almost all small tester will not be upgradable to test the super fast DDR or Rambus memory , thus do not take words of supplier that promise you a tester now that will also deliver DDR or Rambus. Get it in writing.

Company History
Check out the corporate history in the memory test industry. The longevity of a company reflects the leadership position in its field.

Ask your suppliers and business partners who have been using the product as a very good assessment of how good the product is. This by far should be the best testimony.

Lastly, make sure the price is proportionate with the performance it will deliver. The lowest cost tester may not necessary be the one that is best. Is the product going to be obsolete soon? Making the right choice ensure that you do not spend more money later on.

Finally we let you be the judge which memory tester company stands out.

CST, Inc. is a Dallas base memory module tester manufacturer since 1983. It provides memory module testers under the model names of “Eureka”, and “SP3000”. It also provides automatic DIMM handler for automation in memory module manufacturing test.

By: DocMemory
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