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The Unscientific Poll On PC Memories

Wednesday, August 23, 2000 “Simmtester.com” has posted an opinion survey since January 2000 to gauge the sentiment of the PC public on new memory standards. Interesting result has been returned and in some cases it surprised the poll originator.

Polling Method

A one paragraph simple “straight forward” question was asked. Four multiple choice answers were given. Both the question and answers were carefully examined and tested with our employees. Our employees were asked to comment and edit it to ensure its “objectivity”. The poll is then posted on our Web site for approximately a period of 30 days.

Poll Results and Analysis

Polling results are in and they are listed as follows:

The “CPU” poll
The poll was taken in January, 2000 right after several delays in the Intel i820 motherboard introduction. Poll results indicated the frustration and lost of trust on the Intel brand name.

The “Rambus” poll
This poll taken in February, 2000 indicated that, at time, users are generally ignorant on new generation memory and their performance difference. Although price is a key concern, they are generally reluctant to change to something they do not understand.

The “Price” poll
Posted in March, 2000 further indicated that even though people generally believe that Rambus price will drop, most people is still not ready to adopt a new kind of memory.

The “DDR” poll
As of April, 2000, the Intel 820 motherboard recall is causing a bad publicity amount the general public. People start to learn about the new DDR memory and recent Intel and Rambus.

The “PC133” poll
The resentment on Intel continued into May, 2000 and caused it to lose favorite as a chipset company even in the PC133 arena. VIA Technologies confirmed its position on supplying PC133 chipsets and beyond.

The “Royalty” poll
In the month of June, 2000, Rambus had claimed patent on the standard SDRAM and muscled several manufacturers into signing license. This had led to more resentment from the public. However, we still see a large camp of people that is not ready to try new technologies.


From this un-scientific poll result, we see that the public does not care much about memory technology. Most of them only concerned about the price. I think this is important. Indeed, new kind of memories would only shine in graphic intensive applications. The advantages on other general applications are masked with better and faster cache applications. Mass adoptions of new memory technology only come when price parity is achieved. Only and only then, would be accepted by the public.

By: DocMemory
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