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Recognizing DDR Memory Modules Part-6

Thursday, May 24, 2001 Part-6 and Concluding Chapter

Identifying DDR Memmory Module By DDR DIMM Tester with Auto-ID

Perhaps the simplest way of recognizing a DDR memory module is to use a memory module tester. Most of the low-cost memory module tester on the market has the “Auto ID” function. It can usually tell you what module configuration and size you have.

This kind of tester uses two approaches to identify the module.

First, it scan the module for the number of RAS and CAS lines, number of module banks, operation speed of the module and any bad cells on the module.

Secondly, it looks at the SPD content of the module and verifies the actual functionality of the module based on its SPD content for any discrepancy.

Low cost DDR DIMM Testers will also let you thoroughly examine every memory cell on the modules for functionality, cross-talk, and long term failure. It also let you see and audit the SPD contents and make alternations and corrections. Overall, it takes a lot of guessing out of you, so that you can spend your time on more productive works

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