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Handler General Information

Q. I need more information on RoboFlex Automatic Handler ?

A. The RoboFlex Handler overview


The RoboFlex Advanced Automatic Handler is a mechanical handler dedicated to DIMM/RIMM & SIMM Module testing. When interfaced with CST Apollo Tester , Eureka Advanced Memory Tester or SP3000 tester, RoboFlex handler provides Memory Module manufactures a cost effective method of automatically testing the memory modules in a fast, reliable and safe manner.

Input Tray


Untested memory are bulk loaded into a multiple module input tray with the parts stack horizontally. The parts are placed then placed in the input tray, they are dispensed onto a “Pusher System” one at a time and are then transfer horizontally to the tester mounted at the rear of the Handler for testing.

Test Site


Upon parts being dropped into the “Pusher System” , the part is sensed by the test site sensor and the “Pusher System” cylinder will actuate and make contact with the tester manual test socket. the part makes electrical contact and is sandwich between the socket contacts and a test start signal is sent to the tester to initiate testing.

Pass and Fail Sorting


Upon receiving a test sort (PASS or FAIL) signal fom the tester, the “Pusher System” will drop the module on to the belt system , which will rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise to the output slide and dropped into either a “pass” or “fail” bin. The infinite vertical test plane allows the Memory Tester test heads to be directly connected to the contactor eliminating the need for long cable which can cause test degradations.

No Test contactor are needed


The RoboFlex Handler operates without any need for contactors or rail adjustment to accommodate modules with parts on only one side and also modules with parts mounted on both sides. Standard “Pusher System” unit is made to host the 168pin JEDEC DIMM modules of size up to 5.25 inch X 1.7 inches.

Modular Pusher System


4 optional Modular “Pusher System” are available to accommodate the 168pin DIMM, 184pin RIMM modules, 184pin DDR Modules and 144pin SODIMM modules. Standard unit comes with input trays fits 5.25 x 1.00 inch modules and also 5.25 x 1.25 inch modules. Other non-standard sized DIMM “Modular Pusher System “will be customized at a nominal cost.



The Universal Singulator for the RoboFlex Handler allows the input tray to gently guide the module down towards the “Pusher System” one at a time and eliminated any possible scratching. It also overcomes the problem of uneven size components/parts on the module as it do not slide good on top of each other. This singulator is designed to accommodate parts from 3.5 to 5.6 inches in length and 0.5 to 1.70 inches in height. Change over of different plungers to support modules is made simple by a sliding mechanism held in place by 2 screws on each side of the singulator. Special plunger design allows it to accommodate different SPD EEPROM placement, without changing any plunger or part.

Output Parity


The output parity and assurance system for the RoboFlex Handler is an additional safety feature to enhance the performance of the handler system. There will be no accidental allowance of the "bad" modules dropping into the "good" bin. The newly invented assurance system checks the tester Pass or Fail signal , initiates the belt system to rotate counter-clockwise and bin out the "bad" module from going into the left bin and a clockwise rotation will bin out the module as “Good” into the right bin. At the same time, it sounds an alarm to get the attention of the operator, if there is any incidents of jam. This allows the handler to achieve close to 100% sort accuracy.

Q. How many memory modules can the Handler test a day ?

A. The time taken to test and handler one module is dependent on Size of Memory tested, Memory Tester type used and the actual mechanical handling time.

When using the Handler with Eureka SDRAM 3, a full cell comprehensive test for 32MB SDRAM module takes 8 seconds , add 4 seconds for mechanical handling therefore the total time for testing a 32 MB DIMM including tester handling is approximately 12 seconds.

The handler is capable of dropping a module in the pusher system in less than one second – after testing the “pusher system” will drop the tested module on to the belt and bin out the module take 2-3 seconds on either direction. Therefore a single module - full cycle handling without testing would be approximately 4-5 seconds.

One hour non-stop the handler would be capable of handling approximately 720 modules , an 8 hour shift will be able to handle 5760 modules.

Q. Can I use it to test PC-100 or PC-133 Mhz DIMM modules?

A. Yes, you need to dock an Sp3000, or Eureka SDRAM2 or SDRAM3 Platform and Adapter to the handler to test PC100 & PC133 modules without a of change of the “Pusher System” as long the dimension of the modules is not greater than 5.25” in length.

Test a 66Mhz SDRAM DIMM module with this adapter, as the frequency on the tester is selectable.

You require a change of the Modular Pusher System for handling 72pin SIMM modules.

Q. Can I upgrade this handler to test RAMBUS - RIMM modules and DDR DIMM ?

A. Definitely ! We have worked hard to designed this extremely affordable RoboFlex handling system to be universal.

The 168pin Pusher System will support both 184pin DDR DIMM and 184pin RIMM without any need for change over.

Q. How is the RoboFlex compared with the competition?

A. CST Tester is the most preferred tester used by major SIMM/DIMM manufacturer / OEM customer such as HP, Compaq, Digital, Dell, Micron and many more.

The RoboFlex Handler System is the only handler starting at under $10,000 able to accommodate testing RAMBUS, DDR and SDRAM Module without using expensive Pick and Place concept and contactor pins!

Q. Does it requires a PC connection?

A. Connection to PC is dependent of Tester type. If used with SP3000 tester, PC connection is optional If used with Eureka Tester, PC connection is required as the tester is PC controlled.

Q. How can I upgrade my Handler for future new module release?

A. You can upgrade the tester without changing base handler, all is required is the appropriate test platforms and adapters which is plugable to the base tester and the modular pusher system.

Q. Can the ROBOFLEX handler Read/ Program the EEPROM (SPD) on the module?

A. Yes, with the tester Platform with Adapters docked to the Handler , it is capable of automatically reading, verifying and programming the EEPROM found on the memory module.

Q. Can it test Notebook module

A. An optional Modular Pusher System for 144pin SODIMM is available with the ROBOFlex Handler.The 144 SODIMM option is now available

Q. Can it test DRAM chips

A. No the RoboFlex handler is a dedicated Memory Module handler , it cannot be used for testing DRAM Chips.

Q. Can the Handler handle Cache & Flash Module?

A. Yes the RoboFlex handler can customised to test Cache and Flash module with a change of the Modular “Pusher System” and with the correct tester.

Q. Can the RoboFlex Handler - handle DDR DIMM module ?

A. Yes - the RoboFlex handler will support both the 168pin DIMM and 184pin DDR module using the same Pusher System.

For customer who have already owned the RoboFlex with the 168pin Pusher option -you need only to purchased CST's new DDR tester for interface to your existing handler to test DDR modules.

Handler Technical Information

Q. The SP3000 dock onto the RoboFlex does not work , a message "Waiting for Handler Start" appears on the SP3000 LCD screen, what shall I do ?

A. Base on your description - it appears the Handler Cable between the SP3000 and the Handler is not connected properly. One end of the Handler cable connects to the SP3000 printer port and the other end connects up to the Handler Interface found on the front control panel.

Q. Help - I'm having problem Auto-Identifying SDRAM modules using the RoboFlex Handler, the SP3000 display "Cannot Identify Device",

A. Do Check to make sure the module is making firm contact with the SP3000 tester socket, you can do it by looking into the pusher system.Ensure all screw and mounting brackets are firmly secured.

If you are using the SP3000 for the first time - you need to perform a one time calibration on the tester. To do that - you need to press both the red and the white button to activate the calibration mode.The details on how to calibrate can be found in the SP3000 user manual.

The final check is to ensure you are using the correct adapter to test the module, there were several occassion where customers trys to ID and test 168pin EDO DRAM module using the SDRAM adapter.

Call CST Tech Support if you still cannot ID the module and test it.

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