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SP3000 feature

Test Algorithms

Two categories of testing algorithms are carefully designed to tailor your testing needs. The Walk Data and Walk Address test patterns are written for super quick production test. It detects solder open and shorts within seconds. The Marching and Checkerboard test algorithms perform extremely thorough memory cell tests. It checks for faults caused by mis-soldering, cross-cell contamination, intermittent failures as well as timing and noise related errors. CST engineers have added more test pattern for capturing cell problems for DDR3,DDR2 and DDR1 SDRAM such as Mat-S, March Y, March X, March C and Moving Inversion Pattern required to capture functional failures on todays most advanced DRAM.The SP3000 tester is also built in with a capability to test and program the EEPROM of the module {Serial Presence Detect ( SPD) }

Enhancement Features

A few enhancing features are provided to streamline test accuracy. These are chip-heating, voltage bouncing, loop test, adjustable timing parameters (selected), alterable refresh mode and cycle, refresh test, ICC measurement, as well as Address and RAS/CAS test. It also supports modules with parity and ECC bits.For DDR1,DDR2 & DDR3 testing , CST SP3000 DDR ,DDR2 & DDR3 testers have built in capability to adjust the Cas Latency, Trcd, Trp including Burst Length setting.

Ease of Use

The module's configuration including the access time will be recognized by pressing a single button. This auto identification feature helps users quickly identify unknown modules. The faulty data bits will then be displayed on the LCD after the completion of the test. You have the option to print out the test report simply by connecting a printer to the already built-in parallel port.

All Purpose Tester

This portable memory tester is designed for all situations. In the office setting, you simply connect it to a standard AC power outlet. While for the high volume production setting, an ideal solution is to interface the SP3000 with CST's RoboFlex2 Automatic DIMM/ SODIMM/ Handler for hands-free testing. In all cases, the SP3000 can be hooked up to a computer for PC envirnoment or for downloading firmware for tester upgrade.


The SP3000 Tester has a universal base platform equipped with an easy to read LCD screen for error display , 5 push buttons for selecting different test functions and powered by a universal 110V/230V Switching Power Supply.

The flexible modular structure of the tester simply makes it easy for you to adapt any test adapters to test a wide variety of memory modules on the SAME BASE unit..... DDR3,DDR2, DDR, SDRAM, SGRAM, DRAM SIMM, EDO DIMM, SODIMM modules, PCMCIA memory cards, and memory chips with affordable optional adapters.




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