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Eureka2 Key feature

IDD7 Measurement ( Benchmarking and Power Consumption Measurement)
The Eureka2 has a built-in current measurement circuit capable of measuring the DDR/DDR2/DDR3 chips ICC(current) consumption during operation. With this feature, the Eureka2 has the ability to measure all seven Idd0,Idd1,Idd2,Idd3,Idd4,Idd5,Idd6 & Idd7 readings of the memory modules while comparing the actual measured results with the recommended results provided by the DRAM chip manufacturers. Most first quality Dram chips measured IDD- 7 values will usually fall within the manufacturers recommended specs. In short most DRAM chips (DIMM and SODIMM) can all be tested to the exact manufacturer's IDD specifications. IDD-7 measurement features are mostly found in very high end memory testers and the Eureka2 is offering this IDD-7 features as a standard feature without added cost.

User Defined Waveform & Advanced Timing Adjustment

In special cases of memory specifications, the Eureka2 Memory Tester allows users to create their own testing waveform to attain extremely high accuracy testing results for memory modules. This feature is found only in the Eureka2 DRAM Software.

For the more advanced user , the Eureka2 software offers programmable timing adjustment for user who needs to set the worst case timing adjustment for testing downgrade chips. This feature is very useful for manufacturers who purchase downgrade chips and need to test/sort chips with special timing.

Test Pattern Functions

The Eureka2 offers 25 types of proprietary test patterns to enable the Eureka2 DIMM/SODIMM Memory tester to detect memory faults caused by mis-soldering, mishandling, sort-error of cross-cell contamination and timing related failures.

Current Measurement

The Eureka2 Memory Tester has the ability to measure the stand-by and average operating currents of the device under test (DUT). Average ICC test can be measured up to 3A with the peak current at 5.0A.

SPD Programming

Serial PD Test/Programming Read, Verify, Write and Save SPD contents, Functional Testing and SPD programming in a single step. Selectable Page or Byte Write, Byte Masking Option for Serial Number and Date Code, Automatic Serial Number Incremental and Configurable Date Code input.

User Friendly

The Eureka2 test system works with all Intel Pentium & AMD based  Personal Computers with standard Microsoft Windows applications including Windows Operating System. The Eureka2 - Flexware software system of the Eureka2 is a window graphic system. It offers exceptional features and provides a user friendly interface for non-technical users. Faulty chips and bits on the testing memory modules are displayed in pictorial form for ease of identification and diagnosis. A trouble-shooting mode suggests the location of assembly faults and IC faults, and a CAD DRAW system allows users to create and configure their own proprietary memory devices graphically.

High Performance System ( Fast Test Time)

The high speed performance of the Eureka2 Memory test system significantly reduces testing time by testing memories at real cycle time. For example, comprehensive testing of a DDR2 SDRAM 512Mb(64Mx64) memory module can now be done in merely 15 seconds. 

Module and Chip Speed Sorting

Incorporating years of customer interaction and an in-depth understanding of their needs has made this versatile and powerful tester a reality. CST's engineers have created a unique method of enabling manufacturer to sort the different grades and speed of any working DIMM or DRAM chip.

When Speed Sorting is selected during test , user will specify the range of frequency to test each batch of module and certify the performance of each individual memory module. This function is particularly effective for sorting a batch of DIMM module into its various frequency and latency type. Basically , the Eureka2 Speed Sorting software takes the guesswork out from manually selecting and sorting the memory into different speed grades.

IC Chip Sorting

The Eureka2 system will be offering a special IC Chip sorting software package which will enable module manufacturers to sort DDR2 chips either by "Address" or by "Data Bit" failures. CST will be offering a DDR2 Pogo Pin Chip adapter which will enable BGA chip without ball to be tested. Another Chip sorting solution will be offered by using a Module DIMM type BGA sockets and testing it on a regularstandard 240pin DIMM test socket.

The Eureka2 Chip Software is capable of sorting the chips into different address cuts, Data bits, frequency , latency and density type. The Chip sorting software will be offered as an optional software package.


DC Parametric Option

The Eureka2 Memory Tester is capable of measuring the leakage current of each pin of an entire memory chip. The system utilizes the proven passive switching method instead of the more common active switching method, which contributes noise to the measurements, negatively effecting the validity of the test. The Eureka provides more accurate test results without typical device limitations. In the test setup, the user is allowed to either define or use default values for Vcc and pin voltage. The Eureka leakage test runs three test phases unique to this system. First, the Eureka applies the operating voltage, Vcc, to the testing memory based on different configurations - 2.5.V/1.8V/1.5V modules. It then sets the pin voltage to each individual test pin.

Finally, it measures the leakage current into and out of the memory module. The leakage current can be accurately measured as low as 1 ´┐ŻA and up to 5 mA. If large leakage in/out current is detected from the testing device, the Flexware will display it as an error for the user.

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